About Ndumie


Nondumiso Ndumie Myataza is a writer who is passionate about people and their overall wellness. She was born and raised in Port Elizabeth and is the eldest child, a title she holds very dear. When she was 15 years old, Ndumie’s parents divorced. These were trying times for her family and especially her as she was also faced with the challenges that being a teenage girl brought.

Through her Christian faith, Nondumiso found strength and comfort which enabled her to look beyond the situation at home. During this detrimental period in her life, she developed her love for writing as she would spend most of her days journaling her feelings and also recording her dreams.

In the pinnacle of financial strains caused by her parent’s divorce, she thankfully completed her studies in Nature Conservation at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, George campus. Her ambition led to her involvement in a number of clubs on campus. She also held a number of leadership roles including being the secretary of the Speakers Club, a poetry and public speaking club where she was recognised by the university as the “Administrator of the Year”.

She also became the president of the Green Campus Forum, a club which aimed at promoting environmental-friendly practices on campus which also opened a number of opportunities for her at that time. To expand her knowledge of science and ecology, she was involved in various research projects in the Kruger National Park.

With her passion for people, she has served as an Environmental Educator and a school teacher. Through these professions, she has had the opportunity that she deems precious of engaging with the youth, encouraging them to dream big, believe in themselves and be the catalyst of what they would like to see in the world.

Ndumie is a public speaker and a blogger. She is also the author of the book, Oh but divorce! Looking at divorce through the eyes of the affected child.

Her book aims at giving solace to children affected by the divorce of their parents. Furthermore, her book aims at helping parents and other affected parties to make informed decisions when it comes to matters of divorce.

Ndumie aspires to be a beacon of hope and inspire, drawing her inspiration from her faith and life’s daily lessons, especially those found in nature.